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Invest in a diverse market that offers a range of opportunities on globally traded goods, where prices can go up or down at any minute.

CFD commodity trading for the individual investor

If you're not a global energy corporate or a wealthy oil mogul, your best option to invest in commodities is with CFD trading available at OInvest. Commodity CFDs offer a lot of benefits:

Quick and simple trading

No commissions and low spreads

Potential profit from an asset price either going up or down

High yields using the leverage

Easy to learn and improve

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Invest in commodities CFDs anytime, anywhere

When you're out-of-home

Stay connected to the markets wherever you are with our free mobile app. It includes the same features that can lead to a successful trade at the right moment!

When you're on the couch

You can connect to the world's most popular platform – MetaTrader4– from any connected device, such as your laptop or tablet.

When you're at your work-station

Zone in on your favorite market with desktop versions of world-leading platform that helps you become the pro trader that you want to be.

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